reevo vinyl boxing gloves


Reevo Vinyl Boxing Gloves 16oz  A simple yet highly functional sparring glove 

hayabusa ikusa headgear


 Hayabusa Ikusa Headgear  - Hybrid design for superior peripheral visibility and complete protection - Cranial-Cast(tm) lightweight construction ensures a unique customized fit with zero bulk - High-resiliency inner core complex for optimal shock absorption - Integrated ear hole covers and open top design for maximum ventilation

reevo R9 Gauntlet Pro MMA Gloves


 Reevo R9 Gauntlet Pro MMA Gloves These premium gloves have been designed for those who wish to fight and fight hard. The totally open palms allow for free natural movement and grip. The premium leather is durable and will make these gloves perform longer and improve your fight game.

Hayubusa tokushu 7 oz MMA sparring gloves


Hayabusa Tokushu 7oz MMA Sparring Gloves - Developed From World-Leading University Research - Patented Dual-X™ Wrist Close for Perfect Hand/Wrist Alignment - Provides state of the art injury prevention - Maximizes Punching Power by Removing Energy Leaks - Exclusive Engineered Leather Vylar™ for Unmatched Performance and Durability - Unique Ecta™ Activated Carbonized Bamboo Lining for ultimate comfort a, thermo regulating properties and powerful deodorizing effects

Ringside kit


 Ringside Kit Pad Gloves (Small or Medium), 9 foot Rope, 120“ Hand Wraps, Breathable Mesh Bag

reevo pink gloves


 Reevo Pink Gloves Ladies Boxing Gloves These genuine leather gloves are specifically designed for female boxers


combat sports mma training shin instep


 Combat Sports MMA Training Shin Instep One of a kind shin instep protection designed specifically for the grappler As seen on Ultimate Fighter seasons 1, 2 and 3 Neoprene support secures the guard to the foot & shin even through the most intense scrambles Leather striking areas for durability . Available in regular (up to 140 lbs.), large (140 to 185 lbs.) or Ext –Large (185+) 

hayabusa ikusa shin instep guards


 Hayabusa Ikusa Shin Instep Guards - Breathable fullback design and innovative closure system for the ultimate fit and zero shifting - Provides maximum protection and optimal mobility - Ergonomically engineered to deliver the perfect striking surface - Designed for all types of combat training

RXR Curved thai pads


RXR Curved Thai Pads  - Premium genuine leather - Gold contrast stitching and embroidery - Anti-slip suede backing with impact gel lining - Dual padded hook and loop Velcro adjustable wrist straps - Padded grip bar

combat sports micro muay thai pads


 Combat Sports Micro Muay Thai Pads  Smaller Combat Sports Thai pad style improves striking speed and accuracy. Leather construction to withstand continual abuse

reevo RXR 16oz sparring gloves


Reevo RXR 16oz Sparring Gloves   Take your fighting to the next level with Reevo's third generation sparring gloves. Premium materials offer superior comfort and protection.